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Alesis V25 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller (8 Pads / 4 Knobs / 4 Buttons)
If you are a music producer, the Alesis V25 is a perfect building block to control plug-ins and virtual instruments.[...]
Novation Launchkey Mini 25-Note USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live, MK2 Version (LAUNCHKEY-MINI-MK2)
If you are looking for a compact and portable MIDI keyboard controller, the Launchkey Mini (Mk2) of Novation is the[...]
M-Audio Keystation 49 II | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Pitch-Bend & Modulation Wheels
If you are looking for a simple yet powerful MIDI controller, M-Audio Keystation 49 II is for you. It has[...]
Midiplus AKM320 – MIDI Keyboard Controller
32-note velocity sensitive mid-size key keyboard. Pitch Wheel. Modulation Wheel. Octave Buttons(Up & Down). Transpose Buttons(Up & Down). Sustain Switch[...]
M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 USB Midi Controller Keyboard Review
The M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 is a 32 key USB powered MIDI controller keyboard that also includes some handy[...]
Virtual Piano Keyboard VS Midi Keyboard VS Controller Keyboard
What Should You Buy? A Controller Keyboard, Virtual Piano Keyboard Or A Midi Keyboard When people think of making music[...]

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