Midiplus AKM320 – MIDI Keyboard Controller

32-note velocity sensitive mid-size key keyboard. Pitch Wheel. Modulation Wheel. Octave Buttons(Up & Down). Transpose Buttons(Up & Down).

Sustain Switch interface (sustain pedal does not include). USB B type: USB connect to Computer

ATTACHMENT: Owner’s manual, USB cable

Midiplus AKM320 Review

If you are a keyboard beginner who is looking for a MIDI keyboard, then Midiplus AKM320 is for you. The first thing you can notice about this keyboard is the price. If you compare this with a close relative which is the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, the AKM320 is one-third of the price which is very awesome. It has heavy duty pitch and mod wheels. You also have better control of the features, not just the buttons. It has backlit Octave and notable with transpose buttons. If you compare this to an expensive keyboard, most of it don’t have transpose buttons. So having a cheap keyboard with transpose buttons is amazing as this is very useful.

AKM 322 Pros and Cons

Pro: AKM320 is very affordable and perfect for the beginner in music production using FL Studio 12. Being compatible with FL Studio, as a MIDI device, it is compatible with any application that supports MIDI input. It has a transpose buttons which is very helpful. It has a heavy duty six foot USB, a basic instruction booklet suitable for beginners. The volume slider is useful which works very smoothly. It has other function which you can assign to other tasks such as pan if you are using the mode “midi learn” in your software. There is also an input for a sustain pedal which is a surprising feature for a small keyboard. The overall quality, the fit, and finish are first class. It is portable and lightweight. It can easily recognize by the computer / DAW without problems. You can easily use this with a PC / Mac. It also works with the latest Windows 10 and Garage Band.

Cons: AKM320 has a big difference with the M-Audio is that this can’t program for different velocity curves although the velocity curve that comes with it is excellent. The keys seem stiff, but the moment you consistently press them, you will get used to it and gets easier in the long run.

One consumer said it was very handy, but after half a year of using it, the USB connector behind of the thing started to have a problem. He had to plug the USB cable into the keyboard and pushed it to the left the whole time so that the computer can read the signal.

Another consumer said that his keyboard lasted for four months. It was useful while it worked, but sometimes it made crackling sounds while playing notes. From the start, there was a bad connection with the jack or cable. When he plugged it in, it played three notes and eventually stopped working.

Midiplus AKM322 Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who bought the AKM320 gave this 4 out of 5 stars. This midi keyboard is suitable for beginners with a value of $40. It is portable and can easily pack inside a backpack. It works with Garage Band which a lot of consumers appreciate it. It does the job for starters although they keys are subtle because of its functionality being portable. If you’re in the process of learning and familiarization of the midi keyboard, the AKM320 will not disappoint you.

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