Novation Launchkey Mini 25-Note USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live, MK2 Version (LAUNCHKEY-MINI-MK2)

If you are looking for a compact and portable MIDI keyboard controller, the Launchkey Mini (Mk2) of Novation is the best choice. It is small, but you can do everything to create new tunes using Ableton Live without the need of messing up your desk. The Launchkey Mini was designed to produce electronic music for easy and fun creation. As soon as you plug it in, controls all start to work and everything is arranged to make use of the Ableton Live. The 16 velocity-sensitive pads let you play beats and launch the clips. Using eight high-quality knobs, you can tweak your instruments. It is very enjoyable to play. With a 25-note mini keyboard with a fast synth-style action, you can sketch out ideas.

Novation Launchkey Mini Pros and Cons

Pros: Launchkey Mini is small and compact that you can easily throw it into your bag so you can take it anywhere you like. The moment you plug it into your laptop, it will work right away. There is no need for drivers or power cables. It is class compliant and bus-powered by a USB. You can also connect it to your iPad via a Camera Connection Kit to control iOS music apps such as the Novation’s free Launchkey App. It also integrates with FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase without mapping. You can start creating music immediately with Ableton Live Lite, V-station virtual instruments, Novation Bass Station and 4GB samples from Loopmasters.

Cons: If you are expecting built-in speakers, sorry to disappoint you but this is a MIDI controller, not a synth. It needs to plug into the computer or tablet with software.

One customer is disappointed with the inadequate support because the website was down maybe because of the Christmas rush.

Another customer thinks that the pads were slow to respond. He bought it with Cubase 8. It was compatible and well connected, but somehow, the pad lags a little. He ended up using the keys to record percussion than using the pads.

Launchkey Mini MK2 Conclusion and Rating

The consumers gave this a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. They love the compact and the portability of this MIDI controller. It is easy to bring this wherever you go and when you want to create music while traveling. The Launchkey Mini is also suitable for beginners in particular for kids who have the passion for producing music.

Novation Launchkey Mini 25-Note USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live, MK2 Version (LAUNCHKEY-MINI-MK2)

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